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American Improv

English Improvisational Theater
in Vienna, Austria

Chicago-style organic improvisational theater and Viennese charm. Play and learn together with supportive, positive people in a safe space. Fail big with confidence and still deliver a winning performance. Tell stories that move the audience and create an epic tale together with your fellow performers. All while meeting likeminded people and building friendships that last a lifetime.


Class Schedule

Come join us for one of our classes, workshops, or jams. You may sign up via Eventjet below (fees apply) or via email (payment by wire transfer, no fees). All purchases are transferable but not refundable.


Class Catalog

Classes are in English unless otherwise indicated


Improv 101: Introductory Improv

Over the course of 6 weeks you will learn all the basics of improvisational theater. You will play warm-up games that help build trust and group mind. You will practice short-from improv in a way that will make audiences root for you and recognize your comedic genius. Finally, you will learn how to create rich, deep, engaging base realities, and build upon them with fun, hilarious, and touching games that keep the audience at the edge of their seats.

Improv 201: Intermediate Improv

Over the course of 6 weeks you will hone your skills as an improvisational theater actor. You will acquire a sharp sense of the game of a scene, how to discover it, play it, and capitalize on the comedic opportunities it presents. You will learn how to play unique, interesting, recognizable characters that move spectators and inspire co-stars to develop scenes in exciting and unexpected ways. Finally, you will showcase your newly acquired skills in a fantastic final performance.

Introductory Improv Workshop

Discover the wonders of modern improvisational theater in one miraculous evening. You will play hilarious warm-up games that turn a group of participants into a team. You will learn short-form games that are fun to play and fun to watch. Finally, you will acquire the fundamentals of exciting, touching, and magical scene-work that will leave your audience speechless with amazement.

Games! Games! Games!

Have the most fun you've ever had playing hilarious improv games! Learn amazing team-building warm-up games that get you in the zone. Compete with each other in the amped up version of the party game called improvisational short-form. Tell hilarious stories in fast-paced scene-based games. And go from class mates to great friends in a matter of hours.

American Improv Jam

Play along, or just watch at laugh. Together, we will play warm-up and short-form improv games, do scenes, and finish up with a fantastic final performance by participants for participants. Safe judgment free zone guaranteed! No experience required!

Corporate Trainings

We offer trainings and team-building for our valued corporate customers in both English and German



Alle waren sehr begeistert! Danke für den tollen und beschwingten Start in den Tag! Die Leute reden jetzt noch davon. Es hat ihnen sehr viel Spaß gemacht!


See what our alumni have to say


Improv works online! This was an affordable and valuable experience for me and I am grateful to have done it with American Improv. I was very pleased with the knowledge, demeanour, professionalism, and preparedness of Peter, the instructor.


Julianne, Vienna

I took the online intermediate Improv class with Peter and it was absolutely fantastic. The class had such a lovely and open atmosphere and I found myself really looking forward to the two hours I had each week.


Lilith, Vienna

Peter is without a doubt the best improv teacher I ever had. I learned a lot and got to be part of a great community. The atmosphere of his workshops are very welcoming and judgement-free, I would recommend these workshops to anyone who's interested!


Klara, Vienna

Ich hab mich am Anfang etwas gefürchtet. Reingestoßen und los geht’s. Aber WOW… was für eine tolle Erfahrung. Einen Haken hat das ganze natürlich: „wenn ich nur aufhören könnte“ Absolute Empfehlung, tolle Erfahrung, toller Lehrer!


Alexandra, Vienna

Peter is a great improviser and a wonderful teacher! Whether your new, advanced or have NO idea what improv is, take classes with Peter! He will make it easy, fun and you’ll leave the class with new friends and a greater understanding of improv.


Jeannie, San Jose

Had an amazing time at my first improv class. 10/10 would recommend to any and all! I had never done any sort of improv or acting before and it was a great learning experience.


Lane, Vienna

Right place to go if you are experienced in Improv acting but also if you are new to it! For me it was the first time and I loved it. No reason to be scared just go for it!


Laura, Vienna

First time doing improv and this was the perfect way to get a full experience! Lots of fun, laughter and quality people with different improv background. Peter's experience guided our group and time flew by!


Caroline, Vienna

I had a great time at Peter's workshop - very high quality teaching with a fun atmosphere. Highly recommended!


Ben, Vienna

I highly recommend these improv classes – you're guaranteed loads of tools to become a better improviser and loads of fun while learning them!


Mari, Vienna


We love to teach you improv


Peter Graff

Head Instructor and Founder

Peter started improvising in 2009 while living in the United States. He studied at ImprovBoston, ComedySportz, Endgames Improv, Made Up Theatre, BATS, and the Upright Citizens Brigade. Peter took workshops with improv legends like Betsy Stover, Jimmy Fowlie, Susan Messing, and Matt Besser. His style is organic, emotive, and relationship-driven. Peter enjoys playing improv games with his friends on stage and off. He loves sharing his passion for improv through supportive and attentive teaching.

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Lane Duskin

Improv Instructor

Lane is a native Texan living and working in Vienna as a video director and editor. He fell in love with improv in 2019 and has been taking classes ever since. He has a passion for scriptwriting and everything creative including short-form games and long-form scene-work with his fellow actors. Lane also appeared on camera in both commercials and film. He goes crazy for character and loves wowing the audience with his bold choices.


Klara Howorka

Improv Instructor

Klara studied Theater, Film and Media Sciences at the University of Vienna. She enjoys writing and performing plays with her friends. Klara got into improv in high school and has been passionate about it ever since. She also likes alternative fashion, coding and cats. Currently, Klara studies Artificial Intelligence at JKU in Linz as well as Gender Studies at the University of Vienna. Her improv is cerebral yet playful and overflowing with joy.


Katharina Pohoralek

Improv Instructor

Kathi studied Psychology at the University of Vienna, and Human Resource Management at the University of Applied Sciences. She works in Learning and Development and is passionate about teaching. In her spare time Kathi loves to do sports and go running. Since she discovered improv she can't get enough of it. Kathi is a master of game and loves to learn and develop whatever comedic pattern you throw her way.

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