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Peter Graff studied improvisational theater for four years while living in the United States He attended classes, and played theaters all over the San Francisco bay area. He has completed courses and curricula at ImprovBostonComedySportz San Jose, Endgames Improv, Made Up Theatre, and Bay Area Theater Sports. Peter has performed at improv theaters and festivals with his troupes Pool Side Improv and She's British, and taken workshops from improv legends Betsy Stover, Jimmy Fowlie, Susan Messing, Rachel Hamilton, and Matt Besser. Peter's style is organic, emotive, and relationship driven. He also thoroughly enjoys improv games, and theater sports on stage, as well as in real life.


Workshops, Classes, Performances

Improv 101-D
Schnupperworkshop Deutsch

Dienstag, 17. März 2020, 18:00-21:00
EUR 90 pro Teilnehmer*in inkl. USt.
Zwischen 6 und 12 Teilnehmer*innen

Chicago-style "organic" Impro und wiener Schmäh. Theaterspielen mit lieben Menschen, die dich bei Allem, was du tust, unterstützen. Lernen, wie man kolossal, selbstbewusst und unter tosendem Applaus scheitert und trotzdem gewinnt. Geschichten erzählen, die bewegen, und ohne Plan gemeinsam mit Anderen ein Epos schreiben. Freundschaften schließen, die einem ein Leben lang bleiben.

Improv 101-E
Introductory Workshop in English

Thursday, March 19, 2020, 6pm-9pm
EUR 90 per person including tax
Participants: 6-12

Chicago-style "organic" improvisational theater and Viennese charm. Play and learn together with supportive, positive people in a safe space. Learn how to fail colossally with confidence and still deliver a winning performance. Tell stories that move the audience and create an epic tale together with your fellow performers. All while meeting likeminded people and building friendships that last a lifetime.


The Rising Phoenix Theater

6, Ennsgasse, 1020 Wien, Austria

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