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English Improv Classes in Vienna, Austria

American Improv is Chicago-style, organic, and story-driven improvisational theater in Vienna, Austria. Play and learn together with supportive people in a safe space. Learn how to fail with confidence and still deliver a winning performance. Tell stories that move your audience and create an epic tale together with your partners on stage. Meet like-minded people and build friendships that last a lifetime.

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A great course if you are looking for english speaking improv in Vienna. I took the 101 course and it was everything I hoped it would be. Peter is a fantastic teacher, mixing fun with interesting tips and theory about scene work and how to "get out of your own head", all the while maintaining a cool atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable.


Alex, Vienna

The improv classes are so incredibly well done! The instructor (Peter) does an outstanding job in affirming everyone so that no matter how scared you started out as, you will be guided into doing so much more than you thought you were capable of. So many fun games and concepts that are instructive and just an enjoyable experience in and of itself. Highly recommend!


Lana, Vienna

It’s fun! It’s engaging and incredibly entertaining. Peter is a great teacher, you will have fun and make new friends. Highly recommended. We did the 101 course and hope to do also the next course in the future. Don’t miss it!


Leonardo, Vienna

Highly recommendable! I've took the Improv 101 class and had a fantastic time. It's awesome to find a place in Vienna which brings people together no matter where they're from. If you're not sure what to expect just give it a chance.


Armin, Vienna

Such a beautiful experience. Great energy. I'm glad that signed up. Will definitely continue doing impro, because of You (Peter). Thanx.


Barbara, Vienna

Had a blast! Peter is an excellent teacher, definitely recommended!


Filip, Vienna

Had a fab time at the Improv 101 class! It was a great way for me to get back into acting and feel more confident. The space is non judgemental and you're free to be silly, express yourself and have fun. I'll definitely continue improv in the future:)


Molly, Vienna

WOWWWW ...must do kind of thing. I was kind of shy in the beginning not knowing anybody there. Peter makes you really feel welcome and gets people to open up. In the end we all just went crazy imro.


Alexandra, Vienna

I took the online intermediate Improv class with Peter and it was absolutely fantastic. He really knows his stuff and takes his time to answer all the questions. The class had such a lovely and open atmosphere and I found myself really looking forward to the two hours I had each week.


Lilith, Vienna

Peter is an amazing teacher! His experience in impro theatre is astounding and vast. He was taught by big names of the scene and his methods of teaching are creative and so much fun. You will have a great evening and even greater learning experience with a lot of laughter.


Johannes, Vienna

Extremely fun and learned many important things. Loved the overall experience. Will definitely continue Improv in the future <3 Thanks for everything:)


Parnas, Vienna

Amazing experience! Had so much fun and got to meet some great new people. Peter does an awesome job of creating a supportive, non-judgmental space. Highly recommend!


Cole, Vienna

Thank you Peter for the fanatastic evening. It was so much fun! Great teacher, nice people! Also felt safe during Corona times.


Laura, Vienna

I highly recommend these improv classes – you're guaranteed loads of tools to become a better improviser and loads of fun while learning them!


Mari, Vienna

I absolutely loved my 101 class! Not only did we have lots of fun every single time we met, whether online or in-person, but I've learned SO much about the theory and technique behind improv. Klara facilitated a safe space and made sure everyone is comfortable at all times. Will definitely be back for a 201 class and would recommend this to anyone!


Ioana, Vienna

I had a great time in Peter's class! He's a wonderful teacher, creating an open atmosphere by making everyone feel at ease and helping the group with tips along the way! Even though the course was cut short due to the second lockdown, I was still able to learn a great deal in a short amount of time. I hope to retake the class as soon as it's possible!


Catalina, Vienna

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