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Peter Graff

Artistic Director

Peter started improvising in 2009 while living in the United States. He studied at ImprovBoston, ComedySportz, Endgames Improv, Made Up Theatre, BATS, and the Upright Citizens Brigade. Peter took workshops with improv legends like Betsy Stover, Jimmy Fowlie, Susan Messing, and Matt Besser. His style is organic, emotive, and relationship-driven. Peter enjoys playing improv games with his friends on stage and off. He loves sharing his passion for improv through supportive and attentive teaching.


Bex McLaughlin

Assistant Director

British-born, Vienna-thriving Bex has been dramatic since birth, but first improvised while studying abroad in the USA in 2013. In Vienna she is a regular in the stand-up comedy scene, works as a swimming teacher, plays rugby, rides her bike (and then complains her legs are tired), and likes to snuggle with her cat. Her improv style is witty, overflows with charisma, and utilizes the typical British dry sense of humor.

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Lane Duskin

Main Stage Company

Lane is a native Texan living and working in Vienna as a video director and editor. He fell in love with improv in 2019 and has been taking classes ever since. He has a passion for scriptwriting and everything creative including short-form games and long-form scene-work with his fellow actors. Lane also appeared on camera in both commercials and film. He goes crazy for character and loves wowing the audience with his bold choices.


Klara Howorka

Main Stage Company

Klara studied Theater, Film and Media Sciences at the University of Vienna. She enjoys writing and performing plays with her friends. Klara got into improv in high school and has been passionate about it ever since. She also likes alternative fashion, coding and cats. Currently, Klara studies Artificial Intelligence at JKU in Linz as well as Gender Studies at the University of Vienna. Her improv is cerebral yet playful and overflowing with joy.


Lilith Isa

Main Stage Company

Originally from Vienna, Lilith discovered the magical powers of Improv in London in 2019.  Lilith loves telling stories together with other players in a wide variety of long-form formats. When she's not playing games on stage, she studies Digital Art at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg. In her spare time, Lilith loves drawing and wrestling with 3D software.


Parnas Shapurkar

Main Stage Company

Parnas first fell in love with acting on the stage of Kodaikanal International School, India at the age of 11. He’s been living theatrically in real life ever since. The reason for his passion for acting is wanting to make people smile. This, coupled with his spontaneous energetic personality and infectious sense of humor, helps him put on a great show for his audience. Parnas discovered improv at the end of last year and believes that it’s the perfect way for him to get into the zone, be creative, and think quickly on his feet. He plans to pursue a career in the performance field after graduating college.


Ben Smith

Main Stage Company

Ben hails from London originally but has since made Vienna his home. In summer he can normally be found swimming in or chilling next to the Alte Donau, or exploring the countryside. Improv lets him express his creative side, with a playful style brimming with absurdity. Inspiration comes from his love of literature. Away from the stage he enjoys sports and dancing, and he works professionally as a software engineer.

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