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Peter Graff

Artistic Director

Peter started improvising in 2009 while living in the United States. He studied at ImprovBoston, ComedySportz, Endgames Improv, Made Up Theatre, BATS, and the Upright Citizens Brigade. Peter took workshops with improv legends like Betsy Stover, Jimmy Fowlie, Susan Messing, and Matt Besser. His style is organic, emotive, and relationship-driven. He loves sharing his passion for improv through supportive and attentive teaching. Peter teaches improvisational theater for American Improv and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU).


Davide Visentin

Assistant Director

Davide is originally from Italy. He fell in love with Vienna as soon as he moved there and still enjoys discovering its many hidden treasures. From an early age, Davide was captivated by theater and the magic of the stage. He found a place to give his creativity a voice, and let his imagination run free in improvisational theater. With his colorful approach to comedy, Davide paints a playful and enticing picture for the enjoyment of the audience. His style of improvisation capitalizes on his quick wit, and talent for identifying games and patterns.


Anna Buder

Conservatory Student

Originally from Linz, Anna fell in love head over heels with improv when she participated in improvisational theater events as a student in Vienna. Although her busy work life kept her from playing regularly for several years, her interest and passion for the performance arts stuck with her until she started her improv training with American Improv in April 2022. When playing Anna likes to combine emotional and physical expression, while forming deep interpersonal connection with her fellow players on stage. Her comedy is rooted in deep, realistic emotional reactions peppered with quirky idiosyncrasies.


Alé Duarte

Conservatory Student

Alé Duarte is a Brazilian-born performer and movement teacher who has spent years exploring conscious movement and playfulness with his students. With a deep love for understanding the connection between the inner and the outer world, Alé has made it his life's work to help others connect with their bodies and emotions. He is enthused and inspired by the world of improvisational theater, where he brings his unique blend of movement and creativity to the stage. Whether he's performing or teaching, Alé's infectious energy and passion for the art of improv inspired and uplifts those around him every time without fail.


Vlad Kravchuk

Conservatory Student

Vlad was born in Ukraine and moved to Vienna to study for his Ph.D. He enjoys spending time with his friends and entertaining them with stand-up comedy about his life as an kid in Eastern Europe. He discovered the magic of improvisational theater by accident. Nonetheless improv has since become one of his great passions in life. Vlad enjoys going with the flow on stage and sharing his energy with audience through engaging scenework and story-telling.


Martina Laab

Conservatory Student

Martina grew up in the country side of Lower Austria. For more than 15 years, she has organized, curated and produced concerts and festivals in Austria and abroad. While working as the Head of the Music Department at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York, Martina took her first improv-workshop at the PIT (Peoples Improv Theater) and fell in love with improvisation. Martina is a master of witty quips and jibes. She loves to engage with her fellow improvisers on stage with curiosity and openness for wherever the imaginative journey might take her.


Daniel Pleschutznig

Conservatory Student

A web developer by day, and a TTRPG and improv aficionado by night, Daniel is a huge fan of cooperatively creating stories with other people. He loves being a supportive player, and thrives on setting up scenes with ludicrous premises developing into unexpected and exciting imaginative journeys for the audience. Originally from Graz, Daniel came to Vienna for his studies. He instantly fell in love with the city, which has since become the center of his world. In his spare time, Daniel is working on turning his apartment into an exotic jungle made up of rare, odd, tropical plants.


Letizia Ristori

Conservatory Student

Born in Italy and raised in the pubs of Vienna, Letizia got into comedy when she realized she could make her friends laugh by saying funny things. Letizia has been on a roll ever since studying the art of stand-up comedy. With American Improv, Letizia has ventured into the territory of improvisational theater, and is loving every second of it. She is known for her spectacular joke delivery and sharp comedic wit. On stage Letizia drives scenes with fascinating absurdity and believable stories that charm the audience and leave them laughing uncontrollably.


Karin Sögner

Conservatory Student

Born and raised in Wien Simmering, Karin discovered her love for everything British when she spent a year working as an au-pair in London. She's passionate about traveling, and there is almost no place she wouldn’t love to visit and experience. Karin especially enjoys the storytelling aspect of improvisation, exploring unexpected twists and turns as she weaves a tapestry of layered plots for the audience. Karin's style is intelligent, sharp, and witty enhanced by spectacular characters and physicality. She also dabbles in painting and thrives on working with colors.

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