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We offer improvisational theater trainings and team building workshops for corporations, organizations, and teams in both English and German


What can improv do for your business?

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Improv for your organization

Improvisational theater involves many of the most sought after skills in organizations and businesses today. Examples include cooperation, listening, problem-solving, story-telling, and smart risk-taking. American Improv can help you leverage the power of improv for your organization.

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Build stronger teams

Improvisers have to work together. They must listen intently and respond to what their scene partners say. They must also balance their own contribution with the contribution of the other people on stage. American Improv can help you build strong new teams and fortify existing ones by teaching your team members these core skills of improv.

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Improve public speaking

The basis of great improv is great acting. Acting relies heavily on stage presence, voice training, and public speaking skills. American Improv applies the principles of stage acting and showpersonship to train the people representing your organization to communicate with excellence.


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Team building workshop


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